Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Book Turn Off's.

Please excuse my lack of posting! I haven't been reading much lately and school has really been kicking my ass!

The Top 10 Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week's topic is top ten book turn off's.

You know when you're reading and there's just some things that you truly can't stand when you're reading? Like abusive relationships, or cheating, or a character acts/looks a certain type of way? Or when you're at a book store and there are some certain aspects of the book that make you not want to buy it? I certainly have a bunch of "book turn off's" and when I went to sit down and write down a list of my top ten, apparently it didn't take me long to complete it (lol)!

My book turn offs

1. Love Triangles: This is probably one of my biggest hell no's of the book turn off's. I hate love triangles with a passion! We all fall for the guy the main character falls for, but when there's two guys fighting for her and she chooses the guy you don't like? And you have to endure a whole book of her being with the guy you don't like and the poor guy you're rooting for is nowhere to be found. Uh, no thank you. (The only exception to this one is The Selection by Kiera Cass because, come on, as soon as you meet Maxon, how do you not want to continue with the series?).

2. Slow Beginnings: If a book doesn't pick up after 30-50 pages, I'll get restless and want to start another book. I need something to happen! Slow introductions bore me and I kinda don't want to be bored (duh).

3. E-Book Only: This one rattles me! Books that are e-book only isn't fair to those who don't own tablets. They're expensive and I'd rather own a hardback copy (I do have a nook, but still).

4. Little to no romance: If a book has no romance, I probably won't read it, or I won't like it at all and I'm not ashamed to say this. Most books don't really do much for me if there's barely any romance (except for Graceling by Kristin Cashore. That book was all sorts of amazing and the romance was so subtle, wasn't specific or anything. That's a rare book to come across. Oh, and The Book Theif!)

5. Ugly covers: Who doesn't judge a book by it's cover? Come on.

6. Annoying main characters: If the main character is a little brat who doesn't stupid and reckless things because someone told her/him not to (for his/her own benefit) and they decide to act out anyways, I will literally stop reading (*cough*TMI*cough* sorry guys).

7. Terrible writing: I sometimes wonder how some people actually get published when their writing is actually horrible? And I don't mean when the writer is trying to be artistic and trendy with their weird puns and metaphors and line breaks, I don't care about that. But when the writing is really awful? Like amateur writing? No thanks.

8. Poetry: I dislike poetry so much, mainly because I can't understand them. And when you incorporate them into the story line, or put it multiple times in the story, I will dislike your book more and more.

9. Takes place in history: History is another thing I don't like. Books set in WWI or anything like that never interested me when I read it for school and they definitely don't interest me now.

10. Classics: I was never good with classics. The writing is too hard for me to understand and I can't past the first two pages without getting confused. I really wish I was able to read classics, above all else.

Those are my ten book turn offs, what are yours? I'm interested to see if there are even more turn offs that I didn't think of! Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me :-)


  1. i really hate e-book only too
    here is mine its on my list too http://caitstruelife.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-book-turn-offs/

  2. I read almost nothing but historicals and classics! I've been writing historical for about 25 years now, since I was eight years old, and love when people tell me I've got a very natural, good historical voice and style. Modern books really don't do much for me.

    Some of my hates are the alternating narrators trend (since God forbid you use third-person omniscient), first-person present tense (has made me stop reading immediately more often than not), and instalove.

  3. Any list that mentions Graceling usually gets a comment no matter what haha. I recently read Graceling and Bitterblue (I wanted to see how it felt to read those back to back) and ahhhhh love them so much! I need to reread fire...in all my free time *sarcasm*

  4. Yes! I hate love triangles as well. Such a lame thing... Ugh.
    And poetic writing; yup!!!

    My TTT

  5. Woohooo!
    ebook only- agree on this- i do read a decent amount on my kindle, but i like having a choice!
    little to no romance- GIVE ME SOME ROMANCE!! if there isn't any romance, the book has to be amaaazing for me to still love it.

  6. I actually disagree with your statement about little-to-no-romance making a bad book. Although books can be supplemented with romance, I am not a fan of sappy love stories. I enjoy when books have an action packed plot line and have a little romance on the side. It is also refreshing to read some books without romance to remind myself that being single is OK.
    Check out my TTT list: http://booksavvyblog.blogspot.com/

  7. I won't buy books that have ugly covers unless I hear absolutely AMAZING things about them. Covers are so important it is ridiculous!

    Also about love triangles...I think they can be done well in VERY rare instances. But for the most part either we all know who they are going to chose or we're all rooting for different guys and half of us end up pissed off in the end. This has literally ruined books for me before!