Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors of 2013

The Top 10 Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where each week you post your top ten best, worst, etc. This week's topic is top ten new authors that I've discovered in 2013 (authors that have already been writing/ are already popular, I believe?).

A new year comes new discoveries and that is always my favorite part. I love coming across a new book or series I've never heard of, new authors I have read from yet, either I heard from them or not. It's my favorite feeling when I come across a new book and author on my own and end up falling in love with them (*ahem* Marie Lu).

My list is in no particular order:

1. Rainbow Rowell: I was introduced to Rainbow when my friend recommend me Eleanor & Park, which I immediately fell in love with. After I read Fangirl, I knew I was hooked. Rainbow officially scored a high spot in my favorite authors list, maybe number one. (Okay I might be sounding a little drastic but do you not follow her on twitter? Confirmation that she's the greatest human ever).

2. Richelle Mead: I'm so glad I read the Vampire Academy series and it's spin off series, Bloodlines (which I just completely caught up with - and holy shit. Richelle created such addicted books with the greatest characters in such an interesting world. I love in love with her books and it's no like that I need Silver Shadows right now!

3. Scott Westerfeld: Yeah, I know, I'm pretty late in the game only starting Uglies this year, but in my defense, the original book covers were absolutely hideous that I immediately lost any type of interest. But thankfully, when the new cover came out, I thought it was great and came to like the book's summary. I have yet to finish this series, I've only read Uglies and Pretties, and still need to read Specials. I didn't like Pretties that much, which is the reason for my delay on Specials, but I might pick that up pretty soon.

4. Kristin Cashore: Bless you for writing Graceling, truly. It's one of my favorite books to this day and I'm so glad I picked it up. I remember being at Barnes and Noble when Bitterblue first came out. I was mesmorized by the cover - it was so blue and it had a gorgeous design of keys on it, not to mention in love with the book's description. When I found out it was a trilogy (sort of), I had to start the series right away (which I didn't lol but I got to it eventually). I did read Fire, but unfortunately I only got about 1/3 into Bitterblue before putting it down, but I will pick it up again soon!

5. Leigh Bardugo: I can't begin to explain how amazing The Grisha Trilogy is! Leigh Bardugo is an amazing writer and just- Ugh god I can't explain it! If you're reading this, and you haven't read Shadow and Bone, you need to stop what you're doing right now and buy it.

6. Julie Kagawa: Earlier this year I read The Iron King and I really enjoyed it, and I hate that I didn't continue on with the series after I finished. The Iron King was such a good book, I'm dying to get onto the rest of the series, and the spin off!

7. Rick Yancey: I'm pretty sure we all have heard of Rick Yancey after The 5th Wave came out this year. I don't think there's one person who disliked The 5th Wave, to be honest. After reading The 5th Wave (and obsessing over it), I found out he also wrote another series, The Monstrumologist, which I'm tempted to read, because the covers are gorgeous!

8. Gayle Forman: For years, I've heard about books she's written, but I never really traced it back to her (mostly If I Stay) but then when Just One Day came out, she was everywhere and I came around and read Just One Year and I fell in love with it. I didn't really like Just One Day, but I'm contempt with it enough because of Just One Year. I haven't decided if I'm going to read the rest of her books yet. Maybe, maybe not.

9. Kody Keplinger: To my dismay, I discovered The D.U.F.F. this year, one of the top books I regret reading this year. (To find out more, read my review)

10. Marissa Meyer: God bless Marissa Meyer! I regret not reading The Lunar Chronicles earlier because holy crap it's so miraculously wonderful!! I'm so desperate for Cress it's not even funny. I'm going to devour that book like a bear who just came out of hibernation. (Woah, a little too much there, Karla, lets chill).

What new authors have you discovered this year? Maybe you've discovered some that I have yet to find myself! Please leave me a comment below and let me know :)


  1. I love Kody Keplinger's books, especially The D.U.F.F., it's my favorite of all her books. I love your list! I kind of want to go into detail about each author. Gayle Forman and The If I Stay series...you have to read it. It's some of the best tears that I've ever cried. Also much love for Rainbow Rowell and Richelle Mead.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books
    My TTT

  2. Rainbow Rowell is on my list, too. And Fangirl is amazing.
    I read the Iron King a couple of years ago and I loved it, but I haven't continued with the series yet.
    Here's my TTT:

  3. Wow, yours is the third or fourth list to have Cashore on it. I'm currently reading Fire and read Graceling last week and I always thought I was the only one not having read these books.

    You really should read The Monstrumologist! It's amazing! It's pretty cruel/dark for a YA book and different from The 5th Wave but it needs to get more attention which it hopefully will get now that everyone read and loved The 5th Wave.

    My TTT: http://itsallaboutbooks.de/2013/12/top-ten-new-to-me-authors-i-read-in-2013/

  4. I loved your list! Richelle Mead was also on mine - Still need to read The Fiery Heart though :) I really want to read Scott Westerfield, Leigh Bardugo, Julie Kagawa, & Marissa Meyer! I think LB & MM were on almost every list I have seen so far so I will have to make a plan <3

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday list if you want to check it out!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  5. Rainbow Rowell and Rick Yancey are both on my list as well.
    Check out my TTT: http://awesomemonica.blogspot.com/2013/12/top-ten-new-to-me-authors-i-read-in-2013.html

  6. Kristin Cashore is one of my all time favourite authors as well. Katsa is so freaking awesome, right? And as much as other people were mad that the books are more like companions rather than a series, I actually really enjoyed getting to see the rest of Cashore's world. And Fire and Bitterblue make awesome heroines too :)

  7. I really, really need to read some Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell next year! All their books look amazing and I hear nothing but great things about them all. Great list :) My TTT