Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! & New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Years, bloggers! (Yes, I am four days late on my new years post. Please don't judge me, I finally stopped being lazy to write this post lol ... I'm pretty you were already judging me before you even opened this post, so ... As you were).

God, a new year. It feels like I was just ringing in the new 2013 year with my little baby puppy, dancing around the house. Jesus, where did this year go? (I just used both God and Jesus as expressions in two sentences ... I need to find different forms of expressing myself, because when I read it over, I sound like I'm religious and I'm talking to God and Jesus through my blog .. Lol).

Each new year comes a new list of  resolution, a list of things that they're going to do in the new year to change themselves and/or to improve their lives. I admit, I've done this a year or two, but like everyone else, I failed to meet my resolutions. Which is why I vowed to never make a new years resolution attempt ever again, because it never works.

I finally realized why no one succeeds in fulfilling their new years resolution: It's because they start out too big. Everyone always says "I'm going to go to the gym," or "I'm going to save up money," or even "I'm going to wake up early every day." Big things like that. Doesn't really work out when you start something at full force and then have to keep it up for a year. It doesn't seem like it, but twelve months is a really long time to hold a commitment, which is why it's easier to just ease into things to get a feel of it before going in full time.

So this year, I've decided to make some new years resolutions, but I've made mine broad, so that I won't feel as if I'm putting too much on myself. So, without further ado, my list:
  1. Be more outgoing: Yeah, this is a stretch but I feel that if I stop saying no to things and just try to interact with people more, I might become more confident with myself and actually get myself a resemblance of a life, lol.
  2. Practice my writing: It's no lie that I want to be a writer one day, but I barely write anything, so this year, I hope to be able to write a small short story at least one a month (my version of a "short story" is a story that's about five pages long, but it's still something).
  3. Expand my reading: I mostly read YA books, but I would love to read Adult books, Middle Grade books, and even some New Adult books.
Yeah, I only have three resolutions this year. Amazingly, this was all I could come up with lol. (Do people even type "lol" in their blog posts? Man, I need to spruce up my vocabulary).

Anyways, what are your 2014 resolutions? Are you going big with your resolutions or are you being broad and going small, like me? Please, leave me a comment below and get me know!

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