Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Weekend + Bookcon 2014!

I just realized that I never made a post about this, but I went to BookCon this year! Which was ... quite something! Actually, my whole weekend was quite a trip, so I'm going to recap my whole weekend!

Warning: I did not take many pictures because, well, I suck. BUT I'VE LEANED FROM MY MISTAKES OKAY. 

Note to future self: Document everything


So, unfortunately, I was unable to go to BEA on Thursday and Friday because of responsibilities (Monday, schools were closed so I didn't work that day, and I had Friday off because I has graduation - I need money to live so I gave up BEA to work, boo!). I was completely bummed that I couldn't go to BEA because they were giving out such beautiful books that I need to own! Plus, Rainbow Rowell was going to be there! (She's my favorite author ever, if you haven't been with me long enough).  But I was in luck, for she was having a book signing in NYC that night! So, of course, I went! 

The readings were beautiful! Catherine Lacy went first and read an excerpt from her new (or debut? I'm not sure) novel Nobody's Ever Really Missing, and it sounded so good! I'm definitely looking forward to reading that!

Rainbow came on afterwards and gave a great intro! It was both hilarious and heart warming! She talked a bit about Mountain Goats and how they inspired her to write Eleanor & Park and she started crying (aw!!) when she quoted one of their songs that unlocked all her pent up feelings -- "Alone in my room, I am the last of a lost civilization/ and I vanish into the dark and rise above my station”

(How gorgeous does she look in all green?!)
Then after the reading (there was one more person after her, John Darnielle), she was doing a signing! You were allowed to bring books from home, so I brought my copy of Eleanor & Park! I didn't want to be frivolous and bring all of her books that I own (which is alll of them), so I brought only one lol.

I got in line fairly quickly (thank god) and it wasn't before long that she signed by book!

I nearly flailed when I got to her! She was super sweet and kind! I was a little annoyed because I wanted to joke with her, because whats the best way to your future best friends heart than a great first impression, right? But other people kept grabbing her attention away from me, so I didn't have a great opportunity to present my witty joke, but I was able to get a picture with her instead!

Did I cry all night after I got home from the signing, cradling the book in my arms like it was my new born baby? Lol, no. I'm not crazy :-) I also treated myself to some Five Guys (which is a fast food restaurant, before you all start pointing your fingers at me, screaming "cannibalism!").


Friday was my graduation! Hurray! I graduated with my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts (after two and a half years, finally!). I'm going for my Bachelors in English this fall, so my college journey isn't over yet!

Me and my best friend after graduation! 
Me and my little sister after graduation!

The day had finally arrived! The day ... of BookCon!! 

Me with my BEA badge :-)
Look at this gorgeous poster of The Infinite Sea they had on display! So gorgeous!

So, Bookcon was an absolute chaotic mess! A pretty, chaotic mess! There weren't many books being given out, but I got my hands on a lot of them anyways! I'm glad I had my BEA ticket as well, so I was able to go to the BEA side and get some more goodies! The BEA side was practically empty, which was great because if I needed  a place to rest, there were many areas to choose from lol.

Walking around, my hands grabbed anything that was in read - Books, Tote Bags, Pins, you name it. 

This is only less than half of the over all books I've collected lol

Outside the exhibit, I saw the penguin truck and was intrigued, so I made my way outside to see what they had and as soon as I got there, I saw a short figure signing books, and when the book was handed back to the fan, I saw that it was Champion by Marie Lu, and then I noticed that the short figure was Marie Lu!!!

She was legit just hanging out by the Penguin truck and, after hanging out around the truck, looking at her from the corner of my eye, I shyly, before I lost my nerve, went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder, and she was so sweet to me! We talked, we shook hands, and she was so lovely that she even took some pictures with me!

I was so glad that I met Marie Lu because, unfortunately, I was unable to meet any other author! *sad face* I wanted to go to Alexandra Bracken and Danielle Paige's autographing, but my naive self didn't know that there was going to be a monster lining for each author! I just strolled to each signing 30 minutes before it was supposed to start and there was a small mob in front of Alexandra Bracken's line and Danielle Paige's line was so long that it was cut off well before me because they didn't have enough books :/

But the rest of my Bookcon experience was memorable, to say the least lol. Since I did Bookcon this year, I'm pulling all the stops and going to BEA next year! Yes! I am super excited for this! Lol. 

I did get a bunch of books, and a couple of them I also got signed, so that was a plus!

There was a BookTube meet up, and I was on my way, but when I got there, I got super nervous because ahh!! These are all people that I adore watching and it was nerve wrecking to meet them in person! So I was content enough to walk past them and look at all their lovely faces! But, I did get to meet a fabulous fellow BookTuber and hopefully a new friend, Shannon from Cozy Tea Reads! I'm so glad she recognized me, because she's such a lovely lady and I adore her!

Then, finally, when my feet couldn't take it anymore, I made my way back to my home in NJ. I was so overwhelmed by the BookCon craziness that I completely forgot about the panels I wanted to see, especially because the lines for Amy Poehler and John Green's panels were so huge, they overlapped the other panels in my brain and I forgot about them :/ but I won't forget next year!

When I got home, I treated myself to Five Guys once more. (Again. Five Guys is a chain fast food restaurant. I'm not a cannibal, I swear!). My favorite thing about Five Guys is that they practically fill the bag with fries and it's so beautiful that I want to cry! Literally the perfect end to a great weekend!

God bless Five Guys.

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