Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike in Romance Books!

The Top 10 Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where each week you post your top ten best, worst, etc. This week's topic? My top ten things I like and dislike in romance novels!

I love love in books! That's probably why contemporary is my favorite genre. I love when two characters fall in love and the road to getting there! Man oh man I live for that! And then, when I finish the book, I'm overwhelmed with the cuteness and I just hug my book to my chest! But there are also some things I don't like in romances. Lets take a look shall we?


1. Witty Banter: I love witty banter! Two characters pretending to be mean to each other, throwing jokes around and flirting so hard they other one can practically sense it? Dude! Yes please!

2. Arguments: I AM SO HERE FOR THIS! I love arguments. I love two characters screaming at each other, when their anger has reached their peak. One of them has done something wrong and the other is calling them out on their bullshit? Yes! Y E S!!

3. The Slow Burn: Yes pleaaaaase! Stolen glances, the slight brush of their arms. Shyly smiling at each other. Them slowly realizing they love each other so much they can't stand it!

4. Friends First: This is almost as cute as witty banter, because this has witty banter! They have this relationship set up already. They know each other better than they know themselves and they care for each other. It's so fun to see them get their omg-I-love-you epiphany!


5. Love Triangles: Don't do it. Just don't do it. (And I've noticed that a lot of love triangles are between brothers like ... ew? Why?)

6. Ponytails: I saw this on Elena's post and I have to agree. I cannot find that attractive, I'm sorry. I'll always imagine him with short hair. Always

7. Insta-love: Two people who immediately love each other makes no sense and will never seem plausible. Give us something! Don't just slap us with insta-love, because no one will buy it.

8. Cheating: No no no no no. No matter how great your book is, if the characters I enjoy are cheating or is being cheated on, I will absolutely despise the book. (Good example: What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick. It had some minor problems but that cheating thing? Nooooooooo).

9. Dominance: Men who assert their dominance over women is disgusting. Pushing them around, forcing them to do things they don't want to do just to make you happy? Hells to the no! 


  1. I have a few of these on my list, too (mostly in the dislikes section). Really... does anyone like insta-love? No? Why haven't authors gotten the message yet?

    1. Seriously! It's like they think it works. Like, lol no my friend it does not.

  2. Insta love and cheating is terrible! Dominance STINKS and guys with ponytails I totally agree. I imagine...greasy...tangled...ew. Haha, arguments. Haha. Great list!

    1. Thanks! And right? Ponytails are just gross, lol.