About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Here's some basic information, the skinny, the 411 omg let me stop:

Name: Karla
Age: 21
Location: Hogwarts
Occupation: Reader

Like honestly, how cool would that be? To be paid to READ? Please dear god let this happen in the near future (fingers crossed)!

I'm currently a junior at University, working my way to a Bachelors Degree in English! (With a minor in Creative Writing).

I decided to make a blog because, well why not? I wanted a place where I could talk about books openly and maybe find some friends in the process! Books and reading have taken over my life and it's the one thing I obsess about (maybe the only thing).

In this blog, I'll review a bunch of books (mostly YA fiction, although I've been looking to expand), and do some challenges, some top 10 lists, a monthly wrap up, and whatever else I decide to blog about. I'm fairly new at this, so please join me as I go on this adventure to venture into the book-blogging community!

Q: Why Silver-Readings? (No one asked me yet, but I assume you're all wound up with curiosity, so why not tell you?)
A: At the beginning, my blog went through an identity crisis. I used to be KarlaSilvers, Then Karla-Reads, then a whole bunch of unfortunate names that are so embarrassing I feel ashamed just thinking about them.I had some really great names but they were all taken by people who don't even use the blogs with the blog name I wanted (there's a special place in hell for those kind of people- I'm just kidding). But after going through a couple of names, a great one was born! And behold, the birth of Silver-Readings!

Have any other Q's? I'll A them!

+ Disclaimer!
As of June 2014, my reviews will remain spoiler free. If the post contains spoilers, It will be stated either in the post title or before the review itself.

I mostly will blog about Young Adult books, because, that is mostly what I read!

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